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CES 2021: the most innovative products that were presented at one of the main technology fairs

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On this last day of the CES 2021 fair, a tour of some of the most innovative products that were seen in an event that this year was 100% virtual. Some novel concepts were highlighted, such as Razer’s built-in screen gaming chair or General Motors’ flying vehicle.

Samsung’s robots also stood out, including Bot Handy, which is capable of setting the table or storing items in the cupboard, and Moflin, a robotic pet that is capable of developing its own personality through interaction with the environment.

A gamer chair with a transparent OLED screen

Razer's Projecto Brooklyn is a gaming chair with a built-in screen

Razer introduced Project Brooklyn, a new gamer throne that integrates a transparent, 60-inch OLED screen with curvature. It also offers haptic vibration through Razer HyperSense modules and has removable trays that can be positioned at different heights.

The chair is made of carbon fiber and the seat is leather. On the base, as well as on the logo found on the head, there are RGB lighting. It is a concept of what gamers’ chairs will be in the future and there is no launch date for this product, but without a doubt it establishes a type of design that could materialize sooner than is believed.

A chinstrap with lights and speakers

Project Hazel, a smart mask with lights, speakers and microphone

Project Hazel is another novel concept that Razer introduced. It is a smart mask or chinstrap that has lighting effects, as well as speakers and a microphone that seek to better project the user’s voice to improve communication. It is also transparent to facilitate lip reading.

It has interchangeable filters and the front area is transparent

The chinstrap has interchangeable filters capable of filtering 95% of airborne particles, including the COVID-19 virus, according to the company, although, as already mentioned, the product for now is a project with which there is no launch date. . Another point to highlight is that the side filters integrate LED rings that allow to place RGB lights of the color that the user wants.

Moflin, the robotic pet

Moflin, a robotic pet

Moflin is a pet with artificial intelligence but whose form does not specifically seek to emulate any animal. It is a small elongated lump with warm and solid fur but without a mouth or legs. It makes sounds and moves but has a particular aesthetic as it looks like a small elongated cushion.

According to its creators, it integrates sensors and is based on an algorithm developed specifically for Moflin to learn and take on new characteristics from interaction with the user and the environment. In other words, Moflin learns from its environment and acquires its personality and behavior based on all this.

Solar remote control

Samsung's solar remote control

Samsung introduced a new solar remote control for its Neo QLED 2021 TV models. This TV control has a solar cell that allows the battery to recharge with indoor light. It also comes with a USB-C charging port.

The company estimates that the switch to rechargeable batteries will prevent 20 million disposable AAA batteries from ending up in the trash, which is equivalent to 200 tons of waste.

Speaker that feeds on the shower water


Shower Power is a hydro-powered Bluetooth shower speaker. It generates 100% of its energy from water, providing endless hours of listening in the shower. It has an internal 2600 mAh battery that stores more than 20 hours of energy to keep listening to music even when the shower stops.

It is a development of the Ampere brand, which has promoted this project on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. It is placed in the head and works with a turbine that uses the energy of tap water to charge a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2,600 mAh. It can reproduce sound in 360 degrees, with a power of up to 85 dB in standard mode and 45 dB in battery saving mode.

The new flying car prototype

General Motors unveiled its prototype flying vehicle at CES 2021

General Motors surprised with a vertical landing flying vehicle that lacks a steering wheel and pedals. It has an expansive glass roof and biometric sensors to read the vital signs of passengers, with the aim of adjusting settings such as temperature, lighting and ambient noise based on that data.

It also integrates gesture recognition and voice control technology to make those adjustments more easily. The aircraft includes a 90kWh electric motor to power four rotors to allow vertical takeoff and landing.

It should be noted that this flying car is a prototype, so there is no precise release date and it is not clear whether this exact model will be marketed. The truth is that in recent years at CES several projects have been announced with this same stamp. It is technology that will undoubtedly mark the coming years in terms of transport.

A bathtub that fills with water, adds aromas and a mist effect just by asking

Kohler's new bathtub responds to voice commands to adjust the water temperature, set colored lights, and aromatherapy combinations

Kohler, specialists in sanitation, presented a new intelligent bathtub that is activated with voice commands. Simply ask it to fill with water and it will do so automatically.

This product comes in three versions; one of them integrates a set of colored lights around it and even a fog effect that can also be changed according to the user’s wishes. Everything can be managed from the voice assistants Alexa, Amazon or the Google Assistant.

A robot that helps to set the table

Samsung Bot Handy is able to set the table

Bot Handy is a Samsung model that recognizes, collects objects, and places them where indicated. The robot, which is designed to help around the home, is able to differentiate between a glass vase and a ceramic plate, for example. It is also capable of storing food and even helping to set the table.

Roller cell phones

LG Rollable mobile could be launched at the end of 2021

Just as folding cell phones marked these last two years, roll-up models could be the next evolution of cell phones. At least that can be anticipated from the advances that both LG and TCL unveiled. LG offered a short video presentation of the Rollable cell phone, which has a display that slides up. It integrates a mechanism that allows you to roll up and unfold the display, similar to that found in your rollable OLED televisions.

For its part, TCL showed a video where you can see its new roll-up mobile expanding and retracting in the hands of a user. Thanks to this technology, the 6.7-inch smartphone can be unfolded, with just a touch, to show a 7.8-inch display.

A smart door for pets

The mQPet Portal door identifies when the pet approaches by the bluetooth device of the collar

The Chamberlain company developed a smart door for pets that connects to the internet. The device, called myQ Pet Portal, identifies when the dog wants to go outside and opens automatically. All thanks to the fact that it communicates with the bluetooth sensor on the pet’s collar. The door recognizes when the animal is close and opens. It can also be controlled remotely, through an app that includes live video streaming and two-way audio.

The myQ Pet Portal system integrates bluetooth, 1080p cameras that transmit encrypted video to the user’s mobile anywhere in the world through Amazon S3 servers. It also has infrared safety sensors, microphones and speakers so the pet can talk to it.


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