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Sunday, January 17, 2021

CES 2021 honors WOWCube, inspired by the Rubik’s cube, with an innovation award

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The San Rafael, California company, CubiOs Inc. has been distinguished in the innovation category of CES 2021 for your entertainment system WOWCube. In the best style Rubik’s Cube (the best-selling toy ever), instead of the plastic parts, it is made up of 8 separate cube modules connected to each other. Each is a standalone device with three high-resolution displays and a CPU inside. Allows you to play video games that run on all 24 screens covering 6 sides of the device simultaneously.

From the startup from which the project was born, they point out that it helps to stimulate the cognitive development of children. At CubiOs Inc. they say they are building a whole new ecosystem of games, widgets and apps for this entertainment system, providing a SDK (software development kiti.e. software development kit) and API (application programming interface) for developers around the world, taking inspiration from multiple possibilities to create immersive reality worlds in the cube.

Ilya Osipov, founder of CubiOs Inc (his 15-year-old son Savva would later join the project) said in a statement: “Due to the pandemic, our plans for mass production of the device were delayed and we decided to focus on the features and functions that We had planned to introduce in the next version of the product, with the intention of bringing the new device modification, the new version of the operating system and many new applications to CES 2021. We are honored that the expert judges have noticed our efforts. “

Osipov (son) always liked puzzles and puzzles, and after watching various electronics tutorials on YouTube, he decided to create his own game. The game is controlled by tilting, rotating and shaking the cube while the characters of the chosen video game jump from one screen to another. Thus, it would be something like a “console cube”.

Among the games that can be played, is 2048, a puzzle that consists of putting different numbers together until they add up to that figure. The interesting thing is that it is open source and allows people to program and release their own games.

The first prototype was manufactured in 2017 and was made with a 3D printer. The young man’s computer father, creator of other digital puzzles, worked alongside his son on the project. “Not only did the device need to rotate mechanically just like the Rubik’s cube does, it also had to do it while supporting the electrical and math behind it.”

After three generations of prototypes, the console (that’s what its creators call it) is ready to go on sale. The first prototype was based on Arduino and was developed by the father in 2017, the year in which he obtained the patent in Russia, where they lived. Some time later, they presented themselves at a meeting at the University of Berkeley, and created new prototypes in collaboration with Semyon Orlov, the company’s first engineer.

"Woz" or Steve Wozniak supporting the WowCube project

In early 2019, they signed a contract with their manufacturing partner in Shenzhen, China, and started working on their production line. That year, at an event they were able to show the WowCube to Stеve Wozniak (founder of Apple in 1976 with Steve Jobs) who was positively surprised by the project. In January 2020 the system won the People’s Choice Award in the gadgets category.

WowCube will be available for pre-sale, for USD 249, soon although there is no exact date for this announcement.


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