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“By Lilitas”: origins and inspiration behind the new line of clothing for all bodies by Elisa Carrió

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The world of fashion always opens doors to new talents and designers. But this 2021 surprised with unexpected news: the launch of the clothing and accessories collection created by Elisa “Lilita” Carrió and a team of friends and designers. Is about By Lilitas, a new brand designed to offer sizes and models for all body types.

“We are finishing preparing all the details for the launch of #ByLilitas. As I was already announcing, this is my new venture as a designer “Elisa Carrió wrote bluntly on the brand’s Instagram days ago, before the big launch.

From a very young age I have designed my clothes; Most of my clothes are designed by me and made by designer friends. Today I am encouraged to pour myself into this old passion, with the help of friends who are going to model my clothes and my family, who with much love is collaborating in all the processes, “added the former national deputy and still a benchmark of Together for Change.

Elisa Carrio launches herself as a fashion designer with her brand By Lilitas

Regarding the modality of the new brand, Carrió expressed, “This is a small family project. There are unique garments and others with limited stock. If you like a model, make the purchase on the web, at the time of coordinating the delivery one of us will contact you before to provide all the information about the garment. In the event that they decide that it is not the appropriate garment, we will refund the money at the time and cancel the purchase. We do sends to all the country. We want your shopping experience to be totally satisfactory, our goal is for these garments to be worn with happiness “. The line will include dresses, scarves, pants and shirts with a commitment to XL sizes and baggy garments. And as a preview, in your Instagram account -which has already added almost 8 thousand followers- Elisa uploaded some of the fabrics that she will use for her creations.

Faced with this new fashionista project, Infobae spoke with Carrió and his creative team, who shared more details about what they were inspired by and how the process of creating the clothing line was.

Dresses and tunics, some of the garments that are part of the By Lilitas collection

“The idea of ​​creating By Lilitas arose when more than a year ago Carrió announced his retirement in the National Congress at the end of 2019. There he put together an agenda of activities on pending issues that he wanted to face: finish building her house, reopen her studio and practice as a lawyer and create a clothing brand designed by her, “the design team that works with Lilita told Infobae.

The label chosen for all the garments in your new personal project

This is how ideas and proposals began to arrive. The creative team was put together, which today is made up of designers and a dressmaker, who is also a model and poses for Instagram photos. With this new facet, Elisa Carrió added an additional activity to her diversified public profile. Meanwhile, and in silence, they affirm that despite the announced retirement, they do not rule out running as governor of the Province of Buenos Aires in 2023.

Loose and vintage garments are what you will find in your online store

This brand new brand It is characterized by designing large sizes and loose garments so that all women can feel comfortable and free. The team of designers who work at By Lilitas, told Infobae that what they are most excited about is “the possibility of make clothes of your choice, for ladies and to work with people who enjoy doing it and who are paid well, which corresponds”.

For this first collection, that of summer 2021, which is now available for purchase online, Lilita designed a line that includes dresses, scarves, pants and shirts. The fabrics used to make them were chosen by Elisa herself years ago in some old friends’ stores.

“Before the fabrics he was buying he used for his own models, now he also uses them to design for the brand. We also work on other fabrics that are recommendations of the work team ”, his creative team pressed Infobae.

The prints are characteristic of this first summer collection 2021

At the time of the origin of the inspiration for the new 2021 collection, the By Lilitas designers said that “these garments They came from both Lilita’s ideas and the designers who make up the team. They are models that all of us we would use. And by luck coincides with the taste of many women ”, they affirmed.

Before consulting Infobae on the lack of brands in the country that comply with the Size Law and that make clothes for all body types, The women who make up the By Lilitas team agreed that “brands are missing. We know it, but that was not the main reason why we started By Lilitas ”.


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