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BAFWEEK visa: fashion films, live talks and more surprises in this virtual edition

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Like any great event of 2020, BAFWEEK, the most important fashion event in the country, had to be reinvented to adapt to this “new normal”. This year, people will not have the opportunity to go to that only place where fashion is the protagonist, and they will not be able to go from one room to another to witness the fashion shows of the brands, But that doesn’t mean that BAFWEEK doesn’t surprise us with great production and digital ideas.

To the rhythm of new routines from the hand of designers, directors and musicians who are strong in the industry, the event will start the season with the launch of a series of fashion films and unpublished audiovisual content, which will give an account of their creation and production processes.

Where can you see it? Live on Flow channel 602. After the event, the content will be available on the entertainment platform to watch on demand, from any device and at any time you want.

What to expect from this edition?


From the hand of FLOW that presents the VISA BAFWEEK 2020, the fashion films they will be the ones that invite you to travel and unveil the collections through diverse scenarios that range from the celebration of a carnival to a dystopian and post-apocalyptic industrial landscape. The parade is now through parallel universes that we can only know through the screens and that promise to be as magnetic as a collection walking the catwalk.

The section Portraits will open the doors to the life and career of two young talents who set the pulse of the latest trends: the renowned Argentine fashion photographer Sebastián Faena and the international model Mica Argarañaz. With the freshness and imprint that characterizes them, they will share what moves and inspires them in video capsule format.

The tribe of Makers brings together all members of the industry and invites you to learn about the journeys and personal experiences of models, art directors, stylists, makeup artists, photographers and content creators. Referents from all areas of fashion will share their creative processes and future projects in audiovisual format.

This cycle is completed with Lives & Talks that seek to investigate the changes proposed by the new normal and present different perspectives on the issues that constantly challenge brands and their protagonists.

Jasmine Chebar

The collection of Jasmine Chebar It is driven by the creative movement that arises from surrendering to the power of intuition. That same intuition led the designer and her team to plant a seed to create a garden of “Wonder Roses”: a universe of flowers and garments of fresh fabrics, full of movement and in vibrant colors. In his fashion film, a traveling flash runs through the streets of Buenos Aires, illuminating even the most remote roads.

CHER brings an eclectic proposal inspired by the spirit of Africa. His garments denote a bohemian, rocker, contemporary and rationalist style. The focus is on culture, especially traditional textiles and their manufacturing techniques. As the collection progresses, aspects related to nature appear: landscapes, animals and plants are reflected in the textiles to welcome the heat and summer.

A preview of the Maria CHER collection

For its part, Levi’s reflects its musical essence from the hand of KHEA, one of the greatest artists of the Latin American trap. His versatility and creativity when composing has placed him in the face of Latin Trap and has allowed him to pave the way for a whole generation of new artists.

For this season, the firm reveals its most sustainable collection to date. Thanks to a range of different fabrics and fabrications, virtually every piece of the season is a step towards sustainability.
Khea starring in the new Levi's campaign

The collection “Eyes on the prize” by DAELS part of the concept of the cucarda awarded in equine competitions. The resource can be seen in hand embroidery, in details of finishes and morphologies, as well as in prints specially developed by the brand with the cucarda as an ornamental motif. In his fashion film he seeks to reinforce the concept of rarefied reality, kitsch exaggeration and eclecticism so typical of Argentina.


The digital presentation of Vanesa Krongold proposes a new way of inhabiting the streets of the “old normality”. Its collection is characterized by its original textures and colors through jacquard. Cutouts and irregularities reveal the body in an unexpected way. Semi-pixelated digital images will serve as the virtual setting for this particular collection.

With a different mechanic from the traditional one, adidas Originals unveils the new ZX silhouettes, footwear inspired by comfort and the different ways of feeling it. At the forefront of culture and comfort, this silhouette brings satisfaction to its finest. The oddly satisfying elements take center stage with the aim of generating endless sensations in viewers that can be replicated in real life.

adidas originals

In an unexpected world context for everyone and under the new format offered by BAFWEEK, Raimondi presents a series of hilarious videos: unmatched quality, cutting-edge technology, an unmistakable cut and bespoke designs.

Raimondi spring summer collection

The new collection of House of Matching Colors brings romantic wedding dresses, with exquisite embroidery, transparencies and haute couture details that are the hallmark of the firm. This season it emphasizes bridal outfits created by different layers that are shed throughout the night to obtain a different look in each instance of the ceremony. The film takes place in a surreal world, in which women who are about to get married meet.

The House of Matching Colors Collection

The proposal of Beast carries carnival as its flag: its collection for this summer invites you to be carried away by chaos and fun. Goodbye to formalities and rules, it’s time to celebrate freedom. The brand seeks to interpret reality with humor and a quota of irony. The fashion film fuses current affairs, national and nostalgia, following a kitsch aesthetic inspired by Latin American carnivals.

BEAST Collection

The collection “Ambar” by Valentina Karnoubi speaks of family ties, traditions and stories passed down from generation to generation through a line of women. The designer is inspired by childhood memories, eternal summers surrounded by hydrangeas, endless lunches and laughter shared with the family. Valentina Karnoubi presents her third Pret a Porter collection faithful to her desire to tell women’s stories and to generate and communicate emotions through her garments, regardless of a specific fashion trend.

Valentina karnoubi

Bandoleiro, the signature design firm created by Gerardo Dubois, presents a collection that is based on the crossing of parallel universes that are connected from characters created by the designer. What if different eras in history meet in the same place? Taking as a starting point the europop of the nineties, the cinematographic proposal invites you to immerse yourself in a kitsch and erotic world, where the meeting of four groups of characters occurs at an indefinite moment in space-time.

With a strong punk imprint, Cross Clothing invites you to explore its new collection through a group of characters found in a dystopian and post-apocalyptic industrial landscape; Between pieces of ambulances, planes and wrecked cars. Keeping the mystery, the firm’s proposal unfolds between dreamlike and hardcore situations, sensitive but trash.

Cross Clothing


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