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At 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 years: the best facial recovery tips, according to age

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Summer is the time of year that most damages the skin from the sun, sudden changes in temperature and greater exposure to the open air end up dehydrating, drying, staining, increasing expression lines and small wrinkles appear, but with the passage of time the rest of the seasons can also generate changes in the dermis.

Clean with neutral pH emulsions so as not to irritate it, keep it clean and also hydrate it inside, maintaining a diet not only increasing water intake but also rich in fruit, vegetables and proteins, avoiding excess salt, sugar and hydrogenated fats.

Get enough sleep because sleep is restorative, regenerating, brightening the skin and avoiding dark circles. Physical activity that will generate neurobiological transmitters such as dopamine that is reflected in a more luminous skin.

In dialogue with Infobae, the surgeon, Cristina Sciales (MN 66744) suggests some treatments according to the different ages, at 20; at 30, at 40; at 50 and 60.

To start, the best thing is with a cleaning with micellar water and then with a light emulsion (Shutterstock)

Depending on age, different care will be taken, such as 20 years respecting the type of skin (sensitive, oily, combination) it is important to cleansing with a micellar water or chosen product and then hydrate it with a light emulsion and do not forget to use a sun protection factor (SPF 15) during the day.

To the 30 years appear the first signs of aging: dehydration, spots, loss of luminosity, expression lines. Astringent, illuminating or regenerating masks are a good ally. Yes take birth control or are pregnant take special care in protect skin from sun, hormonal changes can cause dark spots on the skin depending on the phototype.

At 40, the skin begins to lose tone (Shutterstock)

To the 40 years it starts to lose firmness and tone because cell renewal and collagen production slows down, wrinkles are more pronounced and signs of fatigue begin to appear on the skin.

To the 50 years It is the time of the hormonal changes due to menopause: elasticity is lost, skin becomes dry and becomes finer, gesticulation wrinkles are marked and hyperpigmentation may appear. Should be extreme hydration care and nutrition of the skin and activate cell regeneration with specific antiage products.

At 60 is when you have to prevent the skin from sun exposure (Shutterstock)

To the 60 years the main problem is the dehydration of the skin, the lack of collagen and elastin that cause the appearance of folds and wrinkles, and blemishes. But the main damage at this age is the cumulative effect of lack of care in the previous stages or having sunbathed excessively. After 60 you have to extreme prevention of sun damage not only with antioxidant treatments but regenerating and redensifying the skin with platelet rich plasma reactivated with led light.


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