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Another electric on the way: how is the SUV that has just been launched worldwide and could reach Argentina

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What’s coming for the next few years of the auto industry, like deepening of the electrical age that is already a reality, will be related to new families of vehicles developed from scratch as electric. In other words, the models of the current ranges of automotive with hybrid or “plug-in” motorization will begin to be replaced by the “native” electric ones, conceived entirely under the new parameters of the new mobility.

Electrification drives and hastens the general renewal of vehicle catalogs around the world. Volkswagen, for example, has just introduced the second fully electric model, the ID.4, a member of a brand new range that has already begun to unveil in stages. The one that opened the game was its smallest car, called ID.3, and this SUV, which is the second of the German giant’s electric era, will become the first to arrive in Argentina. On several occasions, the brand has stated that will be the spearhead of its renewed family of products in the country, although there are still no details of dates.

It equips a 204 horsepower electric motor and reaches 160 km / h.

This first electric SUV from Volkswagen also planted a flag in the United States market, where by size it has no direct rival. There, the cheapest version, called First Edition, went on sale at $ 44,000 and, according to the brand, 2,000 units destined for that country they sold out in just eight hours after launch.

Based on the ID prototype. Crozz, the VW ID.4 shows an aesthetic very similar to that of the ID.3, with which the Wolfsburg brand seeks reposition itself in the world. A design with simple and clean lines, modern LED optics and the use of the new logo are the common and distinctive elements. In the case of the ID.4, this suits its 4.58 meters long and 1.85 meters wide. The low drag coefficient, 0.28, is another aspect where the ID.4 shows the successful work of the brand.

Super digital interior, no buttons in sight, and information projected on the windshield.

It is technological to the extreme, an indispensable condition to be at the height of the times that run, and those to come. It offers a touch screen of up to 12 inches for the infotainment system, fully digital instruments and Head-Up Display technology for projection of information on the windshield, in addition to connectivity with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, online voice control, and We Connect ID app to remotely control the car’s charging or climate control.

Added to all this are the driving assistance devices, called ADAS, among which are the parking assist, involuntary lane departure warning, emergency braking assistant, adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go and speed limiter, and an efficient driving assistant.

It is the second model of the ID family, the new electric range of the German brand.

To counteract the excess weight of battery packs, the body of the ID.4 includes aluminum components. The batteries, which total 493 kilos, are arranged on the entire floor of the vehicle to achieve the best weight distribution, and also allow this SUV to have a lower center of gravity than others with conventional mechanics.

With just 30 minutes of charge, the battery offers a range of 320 kilometers.

This 77 kWh package guarantees a range of 520 kilometers and it also has liquid cooling that, according to the manufacturer, will allow the battery to continue to have at least 70% of its original capacity after 8 years or 160,000 km. With just 30 minutes of charging, the ID.4 achieves a range of 320 kilometers.

With rear wheel drive -at least for now-, the ID.4 is equipped with a 204 horsepower electric drive, associated with a single gear gearbox. According to Volkswagen, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 160 km / h. It sets the bar high in the face of the impending electrical surge. And it raises the expectation before the possible arrival to these lands.

Due to its autonomy, it is the product of the ID family that is in the portfolio for Argentina.


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