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A step into the future: the new HR-V Hybrid that completes Honda’s electric commitment

It will only hit the European markets later this year (Honda)

Automotive planning and policies are advanced by at least five to ten years from now. There are already several Brands that assured that from 2025 they will have all their vehicles with, at least, one variant that has hybrid or electric motorization and others announced that from 2030 they will not offer combustion models.

All these guidelines are more aimed at the more developed markets such as Europe or the more developed countries of Asia and America, where the infrastructure is more advanced than in our region. Similarly, many of The projects that the automakers have are based on non-plug-in hybrid vehicles that have a partial propulsion in an electric way and do not need chargers.

So today the automakers are still advanced in getting at least one hybrid version in each of the segments, to fulfill their first commitment towards the total electrification of their entire range.

It will be the first time that an HR-V has a hybrid engine (Honda)
It will be the first time that an HR-V has a hybrid engine (Honda)

After having launched the renewed CR-V Hybrid and the new Jazz (Fit in several countries in our region) and Crosstar, Honda’s strategy on the European continent continues on the path of electrification and the last of the models that will meet that requirement is the new HR-V that is expected to reach the old continent market by the end of 2021 and then, in 2022, spread to other regions.

For the first time in history The HR-V will come with a high-power twin-engine (generator and drive) e: HEV drivetrain. At its global launch, the brand ensured that this new specimen offers exceptional hybrid efficiency, as well as advanced safety and technological features.

Premium SUV styling

The next generation HR-V e: HEV displays a typical SUV presence with a compact design and coupe styling. The new model embodies Honda’s modern and minimalist design philosophy that was applied in other recent launches and that maintains the key concepts of functionality and beauty.

Its design is totally innovative but maintains its traditional lines (Honda)
Its design is totally innovative but maintains its traditional lines (Honda)

The design features a striking new integrated grille, while the bodywork incorporates a long, sharper bonnet and more vertical and defined sides to ensure that its ample interior space is maintained. The center of the hood is low and flat, with a shoulder line that extends to the base of the A-pillars, conveying a sense of stability and security that further enhances its SUV aesthetic.

On the side it was where the tradition of the model was most respected. It maintains the classic drop of the roof that seeks a more coupe style and the rear handles remain embedded as part of its unmistakable essence. Another thing that kept it was the measurements and the design of the alloy wheels that remain 16 inches and offer a renewed design that keeps the five spokes and the combined tones.

Already at the rear, the new Honda HR-V Hybrid incorporates a new lighting system with rounded shapes and a spoiler installed on the tailgate.

Only in 2022 would it reach some markets in the region (Honda)
Only in 2022 would it reach some markets in the region (Honda)

Its dimensions were enlarged with respect to its predecessor. Now, it has a length of 4.40 meters, 1.79 wide and 1.59 high. All these dimensions are designed to give the vehicle more presence and also to achieve greater interior space so that all occupants can travel comfortably.

Levels of space, comfort and functionality

The new HR-V achieves an attractive combination of premium SUV styling and superb spaciousness by structuring the components of its hybrid powertrain. A) Yes, it retains one of the best interior spaces in the segment that its predecessor had, in which its occupants can be accommodated with maximum comfort.

As on the outside, the cabin offers the look of a premium, robust SUV, with contemporary fabrics and soft-touch materials. Its minimalist aesthetic, evident in the instrument panel that extends horizontally, is the result of a fairly clean interior and console, in which each element was located to contribute to that great feeling of spaciousness.

The steering wheel on the right in its world presentation shows that it maintains its Japanese essence (Honda)
The steering wheel on the right in its world presentation shows that it maintains its Japanese essence (Honda)

Thanks to Honda’s compact and integrated hybrid powertrain technology, as well as the central position of the fuel tank, the brand succeeded in incorporating the multi-configurable Honda Magic Seats, which can be completely reversed if more space is needed to carry cargo. .

A motorization that is still unknown

In these first images that the brand showed the world the details of the exterior and some of the interior were known. The Japanese firm also decided to reveal some features of its functionality but did not comment on how the final motorization will be.

The whole interior has a minimalist design (Honda)
The whole interior has a minimalist design (Honda)

Although we are sure that it will be a hybrid, we do not know the details of the gasoline and electric motors, or the battery, or the autonomy it will have in ECO mode. Drawing some conclusions from what the brand offers in other models, we believe that the scales will be tilted to the side of the 1.5 liters that it uses in the Jazz e: HEV.

This hybrid system, called e: HEV, is made up of a gasoline engine, an electric generator, an electric drive and a small capacity battery. At its maximum combination it offers about 109 horsepower. In addition, it has three modes of operation: EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive.

In some markets the HR-V is named after Vezel (Honda)
In some markets the HR-V is named after Vezel (Honda)

The new HR-V e: HEV will be available from the last quarter of 2021.

The first of the 100% electric line

Beyond the hybrid version, Honda also continues to work on the complete electrification of its models. The first in series production is the e Prototype which has a specific EV platform completely new allowing for compact proportions, while the wheelbase, width and short overhangs allow for excellent urban handling and dynamic handling.

Inside, it has a double horizontal, intuitive and customizable screen with a host of smart services and applications. This sophisticated high-end interface has been designed to offer a higher level of functionality and transforms this vehicle from being a mere means of transport to being a fully integrated element of contemporary everyday life.

The first of the 100% electric line (Honda)
The first of the 100% electric line (Honda)

This model is Honda’s first compact car with a specific EV platform featuring a combination of efficiency, performance and functionality for urban environments. It offers a range of more than 200 km and a fast charge function of 80% of the charge in 30 minutes. Its electric motor features rear-wheel drive for next-generation compact car performance.

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