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A new model in Hyundai’s evolution towards the arrival of 100% electric models

A 100% electric series production model (Hyundai)

There is no doubt that the future of the industry will be all electric. We still do not know when that moment will definitely come, but the advances of the automotive companies lead the way. Proof of this are the new generations of the models of the various brands that already have a zero emission engine and an aesthetic designed exclusively for this type of propellant.

Just as we met the Volkswagen ID.4 or the Honda e, just to name a few, Hyundai introduced the Ioniq 5, which is positioned as the first model in the new range dedicated to battery electric vehicles (BEV). According to the South Korean firm, this specimen sets the benchmark for redefining the sustainable mobility lifestyle with innovative features.

The Ioniq 5 is built on Hyundai Motor Group’s specific new architecture for battery electric vehicles, called the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). This allows it to have unique proportions, with a long wheelbase, an innovative interior design with environmentally friendly materials, high performance combined with ultra-fast loading, as well as the Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) function.

It will be available in the different markets in the middle of this year (Hyundai)
It will be available in the different markets in the middle of this year (Hyundai)

“The Ioniq 5 will adapt to different lifestyles, actively serving the needs of customers on their journeys,” he commented. Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor Company. “It is truly the first electric vehicle to offer a new experience thanks to its innovative use of interior space and advanced technologies.”

Breaking with tradition in its exterior style

The design is a departure from the norms of the past to explore on a specific platform for electric vehicles. Evoking the daring attitude of the Hyundai Pony, the company’s first production vehicle, The new Ioniq 5 seeks to take traits from the automaker’s 45 years to combine an aesthetic that mixes past, present and future.

An innovative design totally thought for a 100% electric vehicle (Hyundai)
An innovative design totally thought for a 100% electric vehicle (Hyundai)

The front is equipped with Hyundai’s first “clamshell” hood, which minimizes the gaps between the panels for the best aerodynamics. The bumper is defined by a V-shape that incorporates daytime running lights (DRL) that provide a particular light signature. These small pixel-shaped assemblies are also present at the rear of the vehicle.

On the sides, clean lines were sought to provide greater aerodynamic efficiency. The front and rear shapes meet at the doors, showcasing another example of Hyundai’s “Parametric Dynamics” design concept, first seen in the latest generation Tucson. In turn, it equips aerodynamic 20-inch wheels that became the largest in history in an electric vehicle from Hyundai.

Has a lighting firm that seeks to be a tradition at Hyundai (Hyundai)
Has a lighting firm that seeks to be a tradition at Hyundai (Hyundai)

“A new mobility experience for the next generation. This was the mission from the first day we started this project; look to the horizon, but always being Hyundai, “he explained SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Hyundai’s Global Design Center. “The Ioniq 5 is the new definition of the timeless and provides a common thread that links our past with the present and the future.”

The “Living Space” concept is present throughout the interior, although it is especially evident in the Universal Island, a movable center console that can slide back up to 140 mm. It also has electronically adjustable front seats that have been reduced in thickness by 30% to provide more space for second-row passengers.

Many of the interior elements use environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced materials, such as recycled bottles and plant-based yarns, as well as natural wool yarns, eco-processed leather with plant extracts and organic paint with plant extracts.

New console and interior developed for comfort (Hyundai)
New console and interior developed for comfort (Hyundai)

A range of electric propulsion systems that adapts to each customer

Upon its arrival on the market, it will be available with a wide range of electric propulsion configurations to suit the mobility needs of each driver without compromising performance. Customers can choose between two battery options, 58 kWh or 72.6 kWh, and two electric motor configurations, one with a rear motor and one with a front and rear motor. All these variants provide good autonomy and offer a top speed of 185 km / h.

At the top of the range is a variant with a 155kW rear engine and a 70kW front engine, providing all-wheel drive (AWD). The rear engine generates 350 Nm and the front engine is capable of reaching 255 Nm. When combined with the 72.6 kWh battery, this setting can go from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.2 seconds.

Will have a wide range of engines available (Hyundai)
Will have a wide range of engines available (Hyundai)

The maximum electric autonomy with a single charge will be around 480 km, pending final km homologation, according to the WLTP homologation cycle.

Ultra-fast battery charging in conjunction with Vehicle-to-Load (V2L)

The Ioniq 5 E-GMP platform can support 400V and 800V charging infrastructures. The platform offers 800V charging capacity as standard in conjunction with 400V, without the need for additional components or adapters. This system is a technology that drives the motor and inverter to increase power from 400V to 800V for stable load compatibility.

With a 350 kW charger, can charge from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes. Users only need to charge the vehicle for five minutes to achieve 100 km of autonomy, according to the WLTP cycle.

It is prepared to be able to be a source of charge for other electronic devices (Hyundai)
It is prepared to be able to be a source of charge for other electronic devices (Hyundai)

The Ioniq 5 incorporates the V2L function, which allows customers to use or charge electrical devices, both in motion and static. This system can supply up to 3.6 kW of power. One of the ports is located under the second row seats and is activated when the vehicle is on and another, which provides power when the vehicle is off, is located outside. Using a converter, high-power electrical equipment can be charged.

A forerunner in connectivity and driver assistance

Hyundai sought to seamlessly integrate advanced technologies to enhance the digital user experience. The Ioniq 5 offers a configurable system featuring a 12-inch full touch infotainment screen and a 12-inch digital instrument cluster. For the first time in a South Korean brand vehicle, the Head-Up Display with Augmented Reality (AR HUD) is incorporated, which basically turns the windshield into a viewing screen.

It has a high level of comfort and safety (Hyundai)
It has a high level of comfort and safety (Hyundai)

On the security side, It is equipped with the next level of SmartSense, an advanced driver assistance system. This model is Hyundai’s first to offer the Road Driving Assistance System (HDA 2). Other driver assistance systems include Frontal Crash (FCA), Blind Spot (BCA), Intelligent Speed ​​Limits (ISLA), Fatigue Detection (DAW) and High Beam Assist (HBA). ), among others.

Hyundai debuted the new Ioniq 5 that cIt will begin to commercialize in the different markets at the end of the first half of 2021.

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