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A British consultancy offers jobs to be a virtual gardener in Minecraft

09/08/2020 Minecraft MINECRAFT POLICY

British garden building review company WhatShed offers several remote jobs to become a virtual gardener within the Minecraft video game. In these positions, workers must perform consulting functions for users who want to improve their outdoor creations in this virtual space.

The offer was published on the website of WhatShed, a company calling itself the “best and largest buyers guide for garden buildings in Great Britain”, which seeks to recruit a group of people to advise users of the famous game of construction.

“The popularity of Minecraft cannot be denied, in 2020 there were 126 million players on Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch *!”, They say at the beginning of the statement where they reveal their particular search.

The skills required for the job include strong video game knowledge, high communication and creative skills, confidence in telecommuting, and a passion for gardening outdoors. As detailed, the potential virtual gardener will evaluate the gardens of the clients, give them their opinion, propose prototypes and create the designs for the clients.

Gardeners will be able to telework and in the form it is allowed to indicate residence in other countries. In addition, they will receive a salary of 50 pounds per hour and the hours are flexible.

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of the moment
Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of the moment

Minecraft as an educational tool

Minecraft has a growing community of more than 35 million students and teachers licensed to use its educational version, Minecraft: Education Edition, in 115 countries. Argentina is one of the 10 countries where Minecraft is played the most for educational purposes. This game surpassed 200 million copies in 2020 and became the best-selling gaming title in history.

“When the schools closed, the teachers were able to communicate with their students through Minecraft, and the boys could communicate with each other too, that is very important for the learning process, but also to maintain that social connection that the boys stopped having. Suddenly, there is a lot of anxiety regarding what is going on in the world and people are dealing with many problems. In that same period we introduced lessons for social and emotional learning, which help students to regulate their emotions, doing meditations and breathing techniques, and we created experiences in Minecraft, using different environments, such as the underwater world. It is very peaceful and relaxing, where we see fish, swimming, and a coral reef in the background. So we create an environment where the student can come and think about it, ”said Deirdre Quarnstrom, general manager of Minecraft Education, division of Microsoft’s Xbox, a Infobae in a note published in September 2020.


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