40 People Share The Time They Saw Their Duplicates In The Most Unexpected Places

It is said that among the eight billion people in the world, seven of them may look exactly like you. In other words, a person may have up to seven duplicates existing somewhere in the world. Although chances of finding one of your lookalikes are very slim, there’s still a possibility that you may bump into them, if you’re lucky. Some people have met their lookalikes and have even got a doppelganger photo. Surprisingly, these people are not even biologically related to each other. They just kinda look similar in so many ways.

“My Godson Think He’s The Royal Prince”

doppelgangers kid looks like the royal prince


Doppelganger Photo From Different Times

lookalikes unexpected places queen painting


lookalikes unexpected places pizza pie cafe

“I Can Only Hope To Be Painted So Someone In The Future Can Do This As Well”


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