30 Photos Showing How Canadians Are Dealing With The Crazy Blizzard

Since the New Year began, Canada has experienced extreme cold temperature that made some of its cities among the coldest places on Earth. In the last few weeks, almost every province has been hitting negative temperatures. Furthermore, instances of blizzards, snow squalls and storm surges are only making everything worse. While there have been several weather advisories and ‘extreme risk’ warning in place, it’s somehow still surprising that Canada is officially on par with notoriously frigid destinations such as Alaska and Antarctica.

Just last week, meteorologists released a weather warning of a big blizzard that will hit Newfoundland and Labrador. True enough, the so-called ‘storm of the winter’ started ravaging parts of Canada on 17th of January. The huge snowstorm brought a massive dumping of snow and violent gust of winds. Dubbed as the ‘biggest winter storm of the year’, the terrifying blizzard gusted up to 150 km/h winds. The hurricane-strength blizzard also brought in around 70 cm of snow which completely covered most affected areas. Thick layers of snow covering home entrances and blocking roads, many Canadians found themselves trapped inside their homes for days.


“From The Air You Can See The Trenches To Reach Buried Cars”

newfoundland blizzard entire city covered with snow

Current Status in Canada

canada blizzard road blocked with snow


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