Friday, April 30, 2021

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La Voz Kids 2021: at what time and where to see the reality show premiere with Belinda and María José

We will also enjoy the participation of the new coaches, What Camilo who expressed for Come the joy: "It's worth a tryIt is...

“I am already fed up”: Chumel Torres exploded against Federico Arreola for criticism

It is not the first time that these two characters have faced each other, Already in 2019 they had exchanged tweets for a...

These are the terrible consequences that an aesthetic procedure of Valentina de Albornoz left to Fran Meric

Unfortunately, despite of the 18 surgeries he underwent Diana to recover from the aftermath of the aesthetic procedure, died in 2016.Back to Fran...

From voice to text: how to transcribe WhatsApp and Telegram messages

With the same functionality as other apps, it allows you to migrate from audio to text in seconds. For ios, recognizes more...

The complicated courtship of Fran Meric and Daniel Bisogno: why the actress thought about taking her own life

The actress explained that this was not the worst point of their relationship, because due to the disorders she acquired, He came to...
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The boxer stressed that the purpose of his rehabilitation centers is help addicts to redirect their lives by sharing their experiences that the...

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